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Danielle Lucido has always liked helping people, but she also seeks to inspire and motivate.

She named her new business, AwaQi, under the trademark, Awaken Your Life Energy. AwaQi, a name she created, combines the words “awa” or “awaken” and “Qi” or “life energy.” She believes in living life to the fullest and having a conscience.

“It’s really meant to give you permission to go after want you want but be a good citizen as well,” she said. “It’s basically about authentic living, or living your life your own way.”

Lucido said she believes it’s a good time to move forward with her business because many people these days are looking to find meaning, purpose, comfort and a sense of belonging in life.

A resident of both Kingston and South Boston, Lucido also works for Empire Education Group in Malden but will leave soon to devote her time to AwaQi. She also has experience in real estate, having co-owned her own company. Lucido is also pursuing a master’s degree in leadership at Northeastern University.

A life coach for many years, she likes working with people but started her new company to help others in a different way.

“I wanted to plant a seed, watch it grow and then move on,” she said.

Lucido launched AwaQi in October with her first event, the Harvest Moon Festival in Carver. There she received validation that people were interested in clothes that have meaning and are empowering. The words are meaningful.

Her first T-shirts featured the words “create,” “be” and “imagine.” The next set reads “simplify,” “focus” and “balance.” On the back are a few dozen related words intended to serve as a kind of guide toward achieving the word on the front. Her motto is, words have power.

Lucido looks forward to attending more parties and events where she can feature her product line. She also wants to get into local boutiques to sell her T-shirts and jewelry.

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 18, Lucido will be at the new Eco Chic store in Kingston to introduce her product line. She is partnering with the owners of Eco Chic – at 117 Main St., next to Persy’s Place – for this meet-and-greet. She will offer 10-minute coaching sessions at the event to share her AwaQi.

Many people are looking for ways to achieve personal growth, she said. We all have to grow or will remain stagnant, so her philosophy is to be curious.

Lucido wants to create a lifestyle with her motivational apparel.

“I want it to be the next Life is Good,” she said.

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