AwaQi can now be found in Karen's Boutique in South Boston!



Karen’s Boutique is located in South Boston on East Broadway between I and K street. Karen caters to the local business genre by selling accessories, merchandise, and customized South Boston apparel for women, men, and children.
Karen Stanley is a South Boston resident who promotes her roots through her clothing designs of South Boston apparel for people of all ages. Growing up Karen loved living in South Boston and wanted to open a store of her own to give back to her family, friends and her close-knit community.
As the community of South Boston continues to grow and expand, so don’t the goods and services of Karen’s Boutique. Karen has recently expanded her beautiful collection of merchandise for residents everywhere. Aside from South Boston apparel, Karen has stocked the shelves with everything from women’s stunning apparel, beautiful baby goods, and men’s casual outerwear.