About Us


AwaQi is a lifestyle brand created to spark positive change in the world through the power of words.   

AwaQi ® (awa-chee) trademarked Christmas Day in 2012, means to Awaken Your Life Energy. Literally combining the words “awaken” and “Qi” (or life energy), AwaQi represents Lucido's belief in truly living life - awake, connected, and alive.

Our mission is to awaken, inspire & heal the world one person at a time.










Danielle Lucido, founder of AwaQi (awa-chee), is a social change agent driven by her passion to inspire and encourage people to live their very best life.

This strong desire to spark positive change in the lives of others, combined with her deep understanding of the power of words, led her to create AwaQi. 

There is much more to the brand though than just a cool name... the energy and intention in each product comes together with that of the consumer's to ultimately aid in the co-creation of their life direction.

Lucido believes the words and the actions we choose - both to ourselves and to others - hold tremendous power, so in wearing an AwaQi shirt or necklace for example, one affects not only their own life but the lives of those around them.

"It's really meant to give you permission to go after what you want and be who you are meant to be," Lucido has said. "It's about authentic living, living your essence, which is a continuous ongoing journey. If we don't grow, we become stagnant. So be open, be curious, and most of all be you."